Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ok So Im a Bad Blogger

I never claimed to be good at blogging. I have been busy at work and have let my responsibility to blog go. So all I have to say be patient and stay tuned.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I know by the title of this blog some of you are thinking this is going to be a Holly story, but not this time.

The other day I took our police SUV out on patrol. It allows me to go places I cant go in a car. I was working out in an area that is not heavily populated and there are a lot of open space. I went out on a dirt road to check out one of the open areas. As I'm driving on a little dirt road I see a vehicle parked on one of the main dirt roads that goes through the area.

I get to the road and approach the vehicle. I can see a male at the rear door of the SUV and I can see under the door that his pants are down around his ankles. I stop my vehicle and I get out. The male realizes I'm there and he throws his hands up and backs away from the door. I see a female sit up in the back seat and look at me.

I have the female get out of the car and walk to me and I have the male sit down on the ground. I ask the female a few questions to make sure she is not being forced or anything else. She tells me it is her boyfriend and they were just messing around. The more she talks the more she starts to change her story. The guy changes from her boyfriend to a guy she meet five minutes before. I ask her if she was getting paid to give the guy a blow job and she says she wasn't. I put her in the back of my car and walk over to talk to the guy.

The guy is a Mexican national that does not speak English. I attempt to talk to him about what I saw and finally I get out of him that he paid twenty dollars for her to give him a blow job. The guy was going to give her a ride to the freeway and along the way she asked him if he wanted a blow job. The guy is very apologetic and says he has a wife and kids.

So I go back to the female and I tell her I know she is lying to me and she says she was embarrassed that she got paid to give a blow job. I let the guy go and I give her a ticket for prostitution.

Later I was telling some of my co-workers about the incident and one of the girls said it was messed up that I didn't make sure she received her money for services rendered. All I know is that her job really sucks.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What are parent's thinking?

Usually when people call 911 they don't usually accurately see what is going on. Its not the fault of the person calling 911( the reporting party), its the fact that they have never found themselves in their current situation and they get excited.

I respond to calls all the time where what is happening is no where near what the reporting party described. Well that wasn't the case the other day. I responded to a call of a man with a gun. The reporting party said there was a male riding a bicycle wearing all black with a ski mask on his head and guns in his pocket.

I get to the area along with a second officer and the helicopter. We check the area and can not find the person. The helicopter leaves and the other officer and I stay a few more minutes to look for the person.

After several minutes I see a male wearing black on a bicycle, but I was too far away to see anything else. I get in my car and drive quickly to where the male was going. As I pull up behind him I see that not only was the reporting party accurate, she understated what she saw.

There the guy is wearing all black with a ski mask over his head on his bicycle. The things she didn't mention was the male was wearing a black tactical vest and two holsters with guns in them (he looked like this guy but without a helmet). This guy looks like one of the guys from the Hollywood shootout.

Well I stop thinking and I start to react. The guy turns around and looks at me. I throw the car in park and jump out. I pull my gun and I start giving commands. I get on the radio and say I have one at gun point which stops all radio traffic so I can talk.

The first thing the guy does is pull the mask off and throw up his hands. He starts to say, "there airsoft guns." Airsoft guns are plastic bb guns that look extremely real. Now that I'm close to the guy I can see he is just a kid.

I continue reacting like they are real guns because I don't know the kid and I don't trust anyone with guns. I have him get on the ground face first and spread his hands. My backup arrives and I place the kid into handcuffs.

The entire time I'm detaining him he is acting like there is nothing wrong with what he is wearing or doing. I pick him up an check his pockets. Both of the guns are airsoft and he has flashlights, bb's, and gloves.

I put him in the back of my car and my partner and I start to laugh about the whole thing. The kid does not get how close he was to getting shot and in his mind it was all a game.

When I drove him to his house, I l left him cuffed in the back of my car while I walked to the door to talk to his parents. The step-mom opens the door and when she sees me she said, "Oh god what did he do. Oh no he is in the back of the car." She calls for the kids father and when he gets to the door I explain what happened.

The Father did not seem that concerned that his son was wearing all black clothing, a full tactical vest, two airsoft guns in holsters and a ski mask on his face. He was upset his son had gone out the front gate of the gated community instead of using the back gate.

Im just curious when it became O.K. to send your kids outside to play when they are dressed like some super swat guy. The cost of the vest is more than any kid could afford so his parents had to buy him the vest. I wont buy myself one of those vests because its just not practical yet this 15 year old has one.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Viper Story Continues

Just when I thought the idiot in the viper was gone, he was not. I went to the police station on my day off and I got stopped by my sergeant. He tells me he is working on a personnel investigation on me that was started by a citizens complaint. Yes that is correct, the viper's idiot driver decided he was not happy with the fact that he lost in court and called two hours after court to file a citizens complaint against me.

After a citizens complaint is filed by policy my department starts an official investigation. The claim the guy made is that I LIED in court. Yes that's right I lied and that is why he was found guilty. My sergeant explained to him that I did not need to lie because it did not matter if I won or lost in court.

My sergeant told me some of the greatest points of the idiots argument. One of my sergeant's favorite was the idiot honestly believed I pulled him over because I hate red Dodge Vipers. My sergeant took every argument the idiot made and turned it around.

Long story short at the conclusion of the investigation it was not a sustained complaint. It could not be unfounded because it was my word against his.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Harassment or Are You an Idiot

Last week I was watching a house that is known for criminal. I observe a car pull in front of the house and stop in the road. A guy walks out and walks up to the car. Right then a car pulls in front of me and parks blocking my view. I start to move around to get a different view, but as I'm moving I see the car driving away from the area. I get behind the vehicle and run the license plate. The vehicle is registered to a residence in another town 15 minutes away.

After I get the information on the license plate, my sergeant gets on the radio and tells me he had been watching the same house and had seen the same car leaving about an hour ago. He had been pulled away on something else and had been unable to stop the vehicle. He told me he was in the area and I should stop the vehicle and he would come back me up on the vehicle stop.

I look at the vehicle for any violation of the law so I can stop it and the only thing I find is a cracked tail light. I stop the car and the lady driving starts to get upset and can't believe I stopped her for a cracked tail light. I get her drivers license and I go back to my car.

It takes a few moments for me to be able to run her information and when I get her information back her license is suspended. At this point my sergeant is there and we walk up to the car. I ask the lady to step out of the car and she begins to argue. She is on her cell phone and she refuses to put it down. She tells me she is on the phone with the Sheriff Department so she can tell them I'm harassing her. I tell her to hang up the phone and she refuses. I tell her if she wants to talk to my boss he is standing on the other side of her car.

She gets out and keeps saying that I'm harassing her. She will not stop so I put her in the back of my vehicle and my sergeant asks the passenger to exit the vehicle. The passenger is the drivers mentally retarded nephew. My sergeant searches the passenger and then the car. I fill out the paperwork to tow it and write the driver a ticket. Once everything is done I give the driver a ride to her house and take off.

While we were still at the traffic stop my sergeant talked to the lady and explained the reason for the stop. She told him I was harassing her and when asked if I have ever stopped her before she says I have not, but she has been stopped four times in the past month. My sergeant talked to her for a while and he left satisfied she was over it.

While I was driving her to her residence, she tries to scare me and say she is going to call her personal lawyer and take me to court. She tries to prove it to me by calling information while inside my vehicle and attempts to call her personal lawyer. Information is unable to locate her layer and she gives up. Nice try lady, I'm not scared.

I drop her off at her house and the last thing she says to me is, "don't harass me anymore!"
About a hour later my sergeant calls and tells me the lady called to complain. She was claiming I was harassing her, I pulled her mentally retarded nephew out of the car, and I illegally searched and seized her vehicle. My sergeant laughed and told me he tried to call her but she didn't answer.

I talked to another officer about what happened and he told me he stopped and talked to her a few days before because she was knocking on the door of a known drug house. She was calling the owner by name and when there was no answer she started to leave. The officer stopped her in front of the house and talked to her, but she didn't have anything illegal on her. We agreed she was into something, as we would say a "dirty bird," we just haven't caught her riding dirty. (my favorite work song)

So the moral of the story is if your a "dirty bird" don't say we are harassing you when you are breaking the law. If your breaking the law accept the consequences.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Am I Crazy?

I already said no Holly stories, but I want to know what people think. Holly thinks I'm nuts because I volunteer to be a bite dummy for the police K-9 team. I go out and put the big suit on and allow the dogs to chase me down and bite me. I don't always have to wear a bite suit. Sometimes they muzzle the dog and it chases me down and basically bumps me with the muzzle.

When I go I end up with large bruises on my body. The bite suit protects my body from the teeth of the dog but some of the dogs have very strong jaws and they pinch my skin. I have received a few good injuries. I have a scar on my chest from a dog pinching my skin so hard it broke the skin. Today I sprained my ankle after I stepped on a dog. I got bit a bunch of times and one of the dogs got me in the back and was biting hard.

Holly thinks I'm crazy because I volunteer to get injured. So what do you think?

Below are two pictures of today's injuries. The large bite on my back is raised. The bruises in my armpit are small but they are hard to see.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Real Keystone Cops

We always start with a good plan but sometimes it just doesn't work out the way it should. If something can go wrong it will go wrong.

Back about 5 months or so I was working at night in a small town where I was the only officer. I made a traffic stop that required the help of two officers from another area, one being the K-9 officer. Just as I complete what I was doing there is a call of a suicidal subject two cities away, also covered by my department, where the suicidal person is sittings in the road trying to get hit by a car. The guy told his sister he wants to die and if a car doesn't his him he is going to make the cops shoot him when they arrive.

The K-9 officer leaves me and takes off to the suicide threat. The other officer and I drove off. Dispatch advises that the reporting party can see two police cars driving away from a traffic stop. After several minutes its discovered that our dispatch messed up and the call is in my town. I drive back to where the person is calling from and contact her.

The girl is the sister of the man who is suicidal. She was attempting to take him to the mental health facility when he opened the door and started to get out at 55 mph. She stopped and he got out and walked into traffic. Now he was sitting on the side of the road waiting for us and claimed he has a knife.

Additional officers arrive and I grab my pepperball gun, a pepperball gun is a paintball gun with special balls filled with pepper powder, and I start to approach. The guy starts to walk away from us and I order him to stop. He stops and turns around to face us.

At this point its me and two other officers. The guy will not follow directions and I attempt to shot him with the pepperball gun. Only problem is it would not fire because of a malfuntion. I did not want him to know it wasn't working, but my partners are saying, "shoot him shoot him."

My partner gets frustrated and draws his baton to scare the guy, but as he pulls it out it slips from his hand and disappears in the grass. My partners keep telling me to shoot him with the pepperball, but I still haven't told them its broken.

Well the guy gives up and we take him into custody. My buddies start to ask why I didn't shoot him with the pepperball and I tell them about the malfuntion. My buddy asks us to help him find his baton.

The K-9 officer arrives and tells us that he almost hit the guy while he was still standing in the middle of the road. Right after he took off to go help with the suicidal subject, when we thought he was two towns away, he almost hits the guy were trying to find yet he continues to go to the wrong location.

So even though we are highly trained we still have our Keystone Cop moments.